NASA’s proud dodgiest of the mightiest human achievements, blasting our beloved Moon has backfired. It is a direct attack on human expressions.


NASA’s Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California designed, built and controlled a spacecraft named LCROSS to blast a 2-ton Centaur rocket onto the Cabeus crater on the South Pole of the Moon to seek rich deposits of water. On the 9th of October 2009 the mightiest of human achievements went ahead but the mission may have hit quite a different target.

The spectral magnitude predicted for the event triggered a worldwide live broadcast on major media but the report could be considered the worst documentary ever. Footage showed a minuscule explosion which failed to rise from the shadowed crater.

Within hours NASA claimed success based on the technological prowess. The focus shifted from a smashing lunar ice exploration to the marvels of strategic pin point precision and superior technological experimentation.

The subtle shift in message makes one wonder what the US governments’ space and military programs has in mind, a hidden agenda or an experiment for the greater good.

Analysis of the cryptic spectral data is crucial in scientific terms but when Anthony Colaprete, the mission’s chief scientist, was asked if he would know if LCROSS kicked up fresh evidence of water he replied “I probably will, but I’m not going to tell you.”

The mission violates Space Law under the U.N. Outer Space Treaty ratified by the U.S. which prohibits environmental modification and the testing of weapons and military manoeuvres on celestial bodies. Pete Worden, director of NASA’s Ames Center, said proudly “Today we kicked up some moondust”.

The mission disregards nations and citizens of this world who collective deem the Moon most dearly, leading to much speculation on the United States intentions.

NASA’s Ames Science Director Michael Bicay speculates “We may have hit a dry hole rather than a wet hole.” NASA’s next galactic step may be to recognise that what matters may not be matter in itself.

Dismayed with facts, the real effects of the seemingly uneventful explosion is one of collective outrage. Concerned with dire consequences and perceived as an attack on human intelligence, it is thus widely expressed on the web where individual voices shout out impulsed by the urge to protect the preservation of human heritage.

Indeed expressions of the Moon in relation to our existence are evident throughout human history, culture and religion. The idea that earthlian consciousness, our behavioural patterns, our beliefs and other products of human thought can be appropriated becomes unacceptable.

NASA’s action to regulate innate life on our planetary system has hit a core, it threats how we live and what we think. It is a blast on human expressions.


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