If your favourite ‘natural flavouring’  on food is vanilla or raspberry, think twice. It is actually beaver’s anal gland secretions, otherwise known as castoreum.

Be aware and stop consuming it. It is one of the grossest food you are eating everyday! ..along with flame retardant, crushed bugs and human hair.

I wonder how the discovery was ever made. Was someone going around licking beaver’s ass and convincing others of how tasty it was? Would they have approached food conglomerate’s CEOs and FDA Officials to have a taste for themselves? Can we perhaps even picture a Beaver Ass-Licking Masonic Lodge of sorts?

Sceptical I began some in-depth research and found that of course I’m not alone in pondering the matter. Check this out  Who figured out a beaver’s behind tastes like raspberry?

The patent inventors are Japanese.

Oh, it is safe to ingest according to this non-gov assesment.

And who on Earth is farming the stuff? Can one just picture the job! ‘I extract beaver’s arse secretions for a living’ …and how do you that?

Hush hush. In shame no doubt as so far I have found little direct source of castoreum farming online. Although i did come across a Canadian trader, and also this Russian company will supply any amount among other products which include Bear Bile!

Ethical vertigo is choking my throat. Time to back off further research…but…

What shall we say on behalf of the beavers?

PLEEEEASE humans… You can live without our arse juices in your food.


LEAVE THE BEAVERS ALONE!! (..poom poom…poom poom Pink Floyd’s soundtrack)