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Beamship 16th April 2014

BEAMSHIP. Sighting, Footage, Description, Perception and Post-Effect.

HAPPENING/ I was feeling uplifted and grounded after three days in conference with the New Humanity Movement in Candem Town, London.

Present were some extraordinary beings sharing experience, knowledge, discoveries and explorations on matters –that matter, but are often far from 3-D matter- covering a broad spectrum of realms, tasty practical meta-physics and else. The Princess of Japan Kaoru Nakamaru, Time-keeper Mazatzin, Konstantine Pavlidis, Dr Rauni Kilde and several more.

POST/ I returned home on Monday. On Wednesday, the 16th of April 2014 at 2 pm UCT, I stepped out into the balcony. Laid back on a chair facing north and looked up at the sky above me. An airplane chemtrailing was passing by. My heart-felt thought was ‘when is this nonsense atrocity going to stop’. From peripheral view, my left eye caught a bright beam of light …and there it was, a most extraordinary craft/beamship!

SIGHTING/ It seemed to be about half a mile west at most, at a height far lower than airplane taking off from Standstead. Sort of above the northern part of Hackney Downs and Stoke Newington. My split-first thought was of course ‘balloons gleaming with the sun’ but word NOT ! I could clearly see its structure!

SHAPE/MATTER It was a combination of metal, transparency, white light, and silver tones originated from what seemed like a liquid crystal plasma energy. It had no fix shape but had a clear elliptical form with what could be considered boundaries made out of unequal morphing facets that where changing right before my eyes into the different medium above..yes, including the facets completely disappearing and showing what seemed an empty interior of the craft, or filled with the plasma energy -so to speak- at times. It was blinking, twinkling, sparkling bright bright bright as the light seemed to reflect from its multiple organic facets beaming to every direction.

I have heard the word shapeshifter in the past but had little meaning before witnessing this craft. Eyes clearly seeing, mind struggling to accept info that has absolutely no frame of reference…

MOTION/FLIGHT Parallel to the ground, moving north in a straight line. HOWEVER, there was else that was most peculiar. As said, the ‘form’ was elliptical or perhaps circular -to a certain extend considering the morphing external facets- and less so the top and bottom of the craft. Let’s see… i can show it with my hands but how can I describe the rotation…mm..It was rotating horizontally to the ground at some 5 seconds per rotation constant. However its axis did not seemed to be within the transparent/crystal middle, it was more like there where 2 central axis rotating face to face with one another, together creating this 1 ship.

IMPRESSION/ What I observed was of extraordinary beauty, sweetness, and 100% other-worldly, a scintillating morphing form of a ship. I felt a big sense of blissful tranquility. I notice I was not really breathing, that calm I was. This was contradicting my excitement. Was I excited? YES! But my body responded differently, I was well aware of this. Indeed I felt very lucid and at the same time enthralled in a blissful sense of awe.

As an art, science, nature and technology lover, I have seen so very many wonders expressing these fields throughout my life, but nothing ever even closely resembling this craft. Even top 3-D special effects coming out in football-field size projections are child-play rudimentary in comparison.

SHOOTING/TEK Grab the camera. Yes. No. Yes. No..you’ll miss the sight…but I do. After a good 1 ½ minutes or so, I run for the cam. Of course no time for tripod.

Although the craft had moved further away, I was able to film it into the distant north…still and throughout blinking sparkling twinkling bright bright in the clear blue sunny sky.

My technology is so limited …er..what can I say now when following this even the Hubble Telescope would seem limited.. but you know what I mean. I used a Flip MinoHD 720p 30 frames utter crap camera –yes complete crap because at the size of a small mobile phone it contains no stabilizer components whatsoever, so to shoot some form of unshaken images without tripod is impossible, and far more so if the zoom is used. I tried my best. At some point I run to a different window. The images, on the run, are quite funny but I had to edit some out because I filmed myself reflected on 2 mirrors, and I was naked ! Not that I mind..but it would be censored on utube. I also cut a bit of the distant blue sky at the end when cam was out of frame.

POST FEELING/ The days following I have felt a gentle and quite subtle sense of expansion in consciousness, heart sensation and a knowing –don’t know knowing what, but something else – very uplifted and calm…and as if my size and my environment had expanded covering not just my immediate vicinity but the cosmos as well. It feels weird but comfortable. Do I feel physically stronger? Unfortunately, no. But encouraged on life exploration, definitely.

Also, I have been hearing tones, triggered during the sighting and continuing till today on and off. This however is not so rare for me.

POST-PRODUCTION/ When days later I took a closer look at the footage on the computer and zoomed into it, once again I was instantly submerged into that sense of wonderment..multiplied..as I was now able to look into it frame by frame still by still. I could say I was even shocked at the discovery of what the camera had captured, the shapeshifting –to a certain extend-. It was hypnotic, bright colours in mauve pinks greens and turquoise as well as the more solid ‘metal’ shades…and when a contrast filter was applied, there seems to be several other smaller crafts coming in and out of the main vessel. Their speed must have been extraordinary, as it’s hard to catch them on the vicinity of the craft from one frame to another. There are 30 frames per second, so you can do the maths.

EXTRA/ The airplane can later be seen on the footage and it gives a good perspective as to the size and brightness of the object. In fact, although the airplane was clearly visible to my sight, one cannot see it on the screen. That’s how large the ET vessel/beamship was. I have not used that word before, but that’s what it was, a ship beaming.

Another beautiful psychic lady I had met at the conference, and with whom I had long chats and plans for future meetings to pick up on C-5 Contact –that is, ET human initiated contact- had the previous day asked for us to receive a sign -since she is long retired from psychic abilities so to speak-, to be allowed to film upon their appearance. Not knowing this, she was the first person I called. She was astounded as to how quick the seeming response had come.

Yes, C-5 Contact is an open possibility. Stay tuned.

FEEDBACK/ And enjoy the video. Its close-ups like a meditation get me straight back in the zone. Does it do something to you? if so, please share your comments here.



23rd September 2014 (Noticed by a reader, i signed September as opposed to April. It is odd as i have written with much accuracy. Could it be a subconscious date as the reader points?)

Mars Anomaly Research Society

We must remember that Mars does not belong to the people of Earth. Mars belongs to the Martians! If we fail to recognize this, then we will fail our first major test of cosmic citizenship. I believe that the people of the Earth are ready for cosmic citizenship and I believe that they are ready for the truth.  -Andrew Basiago

Attorney and planetary whistle blower Andrew Basiago founder of Project Mars adds that as human being on this planet we have a Human Right to a true telling of the natural solar system that we inhabit and urges president Obama to acknowledge the fact that Mars is an inhabited planet.

Find an extensive detailed sound-streaming interview with Andrew Basiago on http://www.projectmars.net where he expands on knowledge based upon his own personal experience as a child time-traveller within DARPA’s Project Pegasus http://www.projectpegasus.net . Media links and research papers abound on both sites.

Back to the unmissable interview, themes include detailed technologies based upon Nikola Tesla’s Teleportation Device.

He affirms Tesla’s last discovery papers were never lost. Upon his death in 1943 two agencies rushed over to the Knickerbockers Hotel in Manhattan where he lived, War Department agents getting there before the FBI. Teleportation was then prevented from being introduced into the civilian sector as potentially our predominant form of transportation.

Andrew Basiago advocates the IMPORTANCE to DECLASSIFY these technologies, to establish teleports around the world and thus address issues of global warming and planetary sustainability.

To follow further developments I recommend you join MARS on facebook

Further within this interview he gives fascinating examples of applied experimentations, such as things going wrong with a child-colleague’s feet severed during a tele-portation protocol,  further quantum engineering to alter the future, such as for breeding USA presidents, and directly witnessing the crucifixion of Jesus on a three dimensional holographic film, that is, through a crystal-tuned chronovisor.

This last bit is rather resonant to JJ Benitez, renowned Spanish researcher and writer on para-sciences, who from 1984 published an endless collection of sequel books under the title Caballo de Troya, on time-travel experiments to the time/space of Jesus by the American Army.

Highly controversial in its origins, in JJ’s own words, these are transcripts passed onto him by a renegade American Commander who lived half his life-time hidden in a tiny village in Mexico, zealously guarding the research material with his live literaly, till he would find the most appropiate way to share it with the world.

In particular the first book gives much detail information on the project’s moral, scientific and technological aspects.

One thing is certain, the fine detailed descriptions of the life and times of Jesus is so refreshing and extensive that JJ should no doubt be credited by sceptics as the most imaginative writer on the planet.

Some info in English here

Well worth a read. In fact I’m off to undust my paperback copy right now.